Salute to a dying art

For those of you not running DOS anymore (err.. everyone?), QBasic is a "free" programming language kindly provided by Microsoft for all to use and enjoy. It is in fact located on your Windows CD-Rom. It is because of this reason that QBasic enjoyed a great deal of popularity.

This page is my humble tribute to a dying art, and a treasure box of childhood memories.
10 PRINT "Long live QBasic!"
20 GOTO 10

VGA Spheres

Screen Capture

The following program has passed through many versions, and has been ported to C, assembly, Java, Visual Basic. However it has travelled most through it's original QBasic version:

(Screen capture to right)


FOR a = 0 TO 31
  PALETTE a, a * 2
  PALETTE a + 32, a * 2 * &H100
  PALETTE a + 64, a * 2 * &H10000

  x = INT(RND * 320)
  y = INT(RND * 200)
  c = INT(RND * 3) * 32 + 31
  FOR r = 0 TO 31
    CIRCLE (x, y), r, c - r
    CIRCLE (x + 1, y), r, c - r
  NEXT r


Splat was originally written as joke birthday present for a friend, but continued to grow. The object of the game is to splat the critters as they jump out of their holes. Splat includes the following technologies - rare in QBasic:

Click here to download splat (132k)
(Includes source code)

Screen Captures

Splat! Startup screen Splat! Game screen

QBasic Chess

This is an old project that I did back in high school. Andrew and I decided it'd be fun to both make chess programs then match them against each other.

Unfortunately I can't take a screen capture of it, but you can download it here:

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